Using Templates and Web Design Software to Build Your Site

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The internet is evolving fast. Hundreds of thousands new websites are being set up every month. Potential website owners want their new sites up and running sooner rather than later. Many don’t have the time to learn web design. Some have a limited budget which makes hiring a website designer out of the question. If you’re part of this group, using web page templates or web design software is a good option.

Web page templates

Templates are premade website designs which need only a little tweaking and addition of content before you can upload them on your host’s servers. They come in many different designs. They can be either general, specific technology, free or paid for.

Considerations to make when selecting the web page template to use


Templates can be free or commercial. The free templates can be great if you don’t have enough money to buy one. However, they come with various limitations including restrictions to the amount of customizations you can do on them. In addition, they usually have limited functionality compared to commercial templates.

Terms of use

Once you decide to use a template, you’re automatically bound by terms and conditions of use set by the template creator. These terms usually place restrictions on customization and distribution of the template for commercial gain. You’ll want to read the terms and ensure that they are favorable before using a template.


When selecting a template, you’ll want one that’s best suited for your specific field. Luckily, today’s templates are deigned to match particular fields and markets. For example, you will find template designed for ecommerce sites, health sites and affiliate marketing sites among others. These designs usually employ a specific layout and color choice.

Technology used

Most of the web page templates available are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Since these are ever changing technologies, you’ll want to find a template that’s created using the latest technologies but is compatible with all browsers.

In addition to this, you’ll also need to consider whether the template is general in nature or specific to a particular technology. General templates are easy to modify and upload on the servers. Technology specific templates on the other hand are designed for use on a specific platform such as content management system.

Web design software

Web design software is meant to help you create a fully functional website fast. Some don’t require you to have any coding skills. Like with templates, you can find free and commercial site design software.

Types of web design software

Offline software

This comprises application software which allows you to design and test your site on your computer before uploading it. Majority of these software require you to have some coding skills as well as the ability to use them. There are however easy to use versions which don’t require users to have any coding skills.

Online software

These can only be accessed online and usually require you to have an account with the software vendor. They work more or less the same way as the offline type.

What to consider when selecting web design software


If you’re on a limited budget, free design software can be a good option. However, this type of software has limited functionality.

Ease of use

In order to use web design software, you’ll need to have some basic skills on the software’s operation. Some will also require you to have some basic web design skills.

Features included

Besides building your website, you’ll also want features such as FTP functionality which makes it easy to transfer your website’s files to the host’s server. The software should also allow you to test your web pages on different browsers.

Terms of use

Like with templates, using a particular site building software binds you under specific terms and conditions. Always read the terms to ensure that they are favorable.


If you’re using a particular site building application, you’ll want to ensure that it’s regularly updated to keep up with the ever changing web design technologies. Majority of the commercial software are regularly updated.