Do I Need To Learn Web Design or Hire a Web Designer to Get My Site Done?

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If you want to build a website for your business, you have to choose between two options, learn web design and create the site or, hire a web designer. For most people, this might seem a straightforward decision. However, before deciding which between the two choices is best, you will need to consider several factors which include the following.

Is There Time to Learn Web Design

Most people who want a website need it as soon as possible. They have already made the initial plans about what the website is all about as well as its look and functions. All that remains is building and hosting the site.

If you want your site ready within a short period, hiring a professional web designer could be the best choice. This however depends on the technology needed to build the site. For example, if you want a database driven ecommerce site, it would be easier to hire a web designer than to learn coding languages such as PHP and learning how to integrate it with a database management system. If however you want a simple HTML and CSS site, you can take a short web design course which lasts a few weeks and then build the site.

Are Website Costs Big?

If you’re on a tight budget, learning web design can be a good option. There are many free web design tutorials online that you can use. How fast you learn depends on your commitment and the web design language you’re learning. The main problem with this approach is that you’ll need to learn at least HTML, CSS and JavaScript which can take time.

Besides web design programming, you can also learn how to build websites using content management systems for free. This is often an easier approach to learning how to build sites since you won’t need to learn a lot of coding.

Will I Need to Build Future Websites

In most cases, you’ll want to build more than one website. Hiring a web designer to work on each site can become expensive in the long run. Learning web design in this case can be a good choice given that you will acquire the skills necessary to build a site fast and whenever you want. This approach also helps you to keep track of any future changes in web design technology. It allows you to keep all your sites up to date and relevant to new technologies as they emerge. You can also use the acquired skills to build websites for other people in need of a site and are willing to pay to have their websites created.

What Should the Complexity of the Site Be?

As time goes by, websites are becoming more complex. They have evolved from simple static sites to completely dynamic sites which perform specific functions almost automatically. Today’s websites are built with factors such as security, user experience and responsiveness being taken into account. Most require a blend of several programming technologies to work.

If you want a complex website, hiring a web designer or even an agency would be the best option over trying to learn every web design programming language available.

Learning how to build a website can be a good route to take if you intend to use the acquired skills to build other websites in the future or even work as a professional web designer. Given the fact that learning design skills requires time commitment, its usually advisable to hire a professional web designer when you only need a single website, are time bound and have the initial financial investment needed to get a site built.