How to Hire a Good Web Designer

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To run a successful online business, one of the main prerequisites is having a website. If you don’t have the technical skills, you’ll need to hire web designer to build your site. There are many options to choose from. Read on to know the steps you need to take when selecting a good website designer to work with.


Types of web designers


There are thousands of freelance web designers working both online and offline. For those working online, the majority are found on freelancing sites. Few actually own their personal web design service websites. The main advantage of hiring freelance designers is that they often come cheap. However, this usually depends on the type of site you need created and the experience of the designer. The main disadvantage of hiring a freelance web designer is that he or she might have limited design skills.

Website design agencies

These are usually a team of two or more professionals specializing in web design and graphic design. Agencies are usually expensive but are the best if you have a huge budget and require a complex site design. Hiring an agency eliminates the need to hire individual professionals in different fields such as graphic design since they can all be found within the company.

How to hire a good web designer

Before choosing whether to hire a freelance designer or an agency, take the following considerations.

Technologies needed to design the site

A simple site design usually involves the use of technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Such a site doesn’t need much functionality such as collecting user information or processing a sales transaction. However, more complex sites such as ecommerce or an online service company might require additional technologies that improve on the site’s functionality. In addition, enhancing the site’s look might also require some graphic design skills. You might not have an idea about the necessary technologies needed to build your site. A simple way to know whether the web designer knows which technologies to use during the site creation is to give a description of what you need and ask questions regarding the technologies he or she thinks will make this possible.



Consider how much you’re willing to invest in a quality site. Freelance designers will charge anything from $100 and above for a site design. Agencies will charge more. When deciding on the budget, you should take into account things like technologies used, site functionality and any support you might need in the future.


A web designer’s portfolio tells you a lot about their skills. It tells a lot about their artistic taste and whether he or she can design the site you want. When viewing a web designer’s portfolio, look at things like layouts and color choice and how they relate to the website purpose. For example, a site that deals with health and medical issues could use cool colors such as light blue as opposed to red.

If the web designer doesn’t have a portfolio but you would like to work with them, you can ask them to design a site based on your recommendations. In most cases, good designers will usually ask you what type of colors and fonts as well as the website look you want before building it.


When the site is complete, does this mean the end of your working relationship? Good designers offer some form of support to their clients. This might not necessarily mean becoming your site’s webmaster but the designer should be available to help out with issues concerning the design.


A good designer should be able to provide an estimate of the time they’ll need to complete the site. It should be realistic based on how complex the site design is. In addition, he or she should be in a position to provide regular updates concerning the design progress.


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