Things to Consider When Building Your Own Website

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If you want to make your own website, thorough planning will be necessary. This ensures that not only your site looks great but it’s also functional and relevant in the future. Most people who forgo the planning stage often find that they have to keep updating and redesigning their sites in order to adapt to […]

How to Hire a Good Web Designer

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To run a successful online business, one of the main prerequisites is having a website. If you don’t have the technical skills, you’ll need to hire web designer to build your site. There are many options to choose from. Read on to know the steps you need to take when selecting a good website designer […]

Using Templates and Web Design Software to Build Your Site

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The internet is evolving fast. Hundreds of thousands new websites are being set up every month. Potential website owners want their new sites up and running sooner rather than later. Many don’t have the time to learn web design. Some have a limited budget which makes hiring a website designer out of the question. If […]

Responsive Web Design

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Since the internet emerged, it has undergone numerous changes. Websites evolved from static pages displayed on browsers to fully dynamic pages which are interactive and functional. All a web designer had to worry about is whether a website would be displayed uniformly across all browsers. Although cross browser compatibility is still a challenge most web […]

3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

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Choose the right color for your site Colors have meaning and in website design it is extremely critical to choose the right colors for your site. Choosing the ideal mix is vital to convey your site’s brand and message. You want the colors to be a match for your business. Colors increase stickiness and does […]