3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

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Choose the right color for your site

Colors have meaning and in website design it is extremely critical to choose the right colors for your site. Choosing the ideal mix is vital to convey your site’s brand and message.

You want the colors to be a match for your business. Colors increase stickiness and does not distract from the content of the site.


Three tips to select website colors

  • Color Feel

    The feel of color is an interesting method for choosing a color or shades of colors.  Colors make us feel certain ways – and we need to capitalize on these feelings as people visit our website.  Pairings of colors also matter – some colors make harmony and other create a dissidence.

    The shades that encompass us have an impact on how we feel. We likewise partner colors with different things. Example: Green is the color of money – and gives a vibe of profits and achievement.  Brown is an earth tone – it gives off a feeling of nature, earth and holistic thoughts.  Color helps people understand what you are about.

  • Color Pallet

    Groupings of colors take feel to a new level.  You want to choose a color pallet you can fuse into the feeling of the site.  Many sites use 3 colors – the ratio of 60/30/10 is a good start.  That is a 3 color design – but many have a more complex feel with 5 colors.

    Note: primary colors are nice for a base (red, blue, and yellow) – but can sometimes be harsh to the eyes, where tones of the primary colors are better.  Using online tools like Paletton can be a real time saver.


  • Audience

    As with all marketing – know your audience.  Considering the group who will be viewing the website.  If your audience is younger – then brighter and bolder colors may be better – a more tenured crowd may like a subtle tint.

    Social groups matter too – white is viewed as the color of blamelessness and weddings in the western piece of the world, but some societies associate white with death. based on your audience and their culture – it would be a bad choice to utilize white to offer your wedding website in a area of the world where white is utilized for funerals.

There is help available, as we showed above.  Also – sites like upwork and 99designs can be a great asset.